Oil Finishes

There are several kinds of Oil finish products for wood floors but most fall under 3 categories known as Penetrating Oil, Tung Oil or Hardwax Oil.

These finishes will look and perform relatively the same way with similar maintenance and application processes.

The primary benefit for Oil finishes would be the ability to spot repair scratches and scuffs caused by common traffic damage. This maintenance process is easy enough for a homeowner to perform but it is important to know that the finish will allow for these abrasions to occur more regularly unlike a surface finish that leaves a hardened layer on top of the wood to protect it more.

Oil Finishes are considered the most environmentally friendly finish available using organic ingredients with minimal odor. This does result in a slower dry and cure time before ready to walk on. Other factors should be considered before choosing an Oil Finish.

iSAND can offer expert advice on which finish system is right for your floor based on your lifestyle.
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