Sheen refers to the level of shine and luster your finish will have once dry and cured. Choosing the right sheen level can be determined by the style or the performance you desire for your wood floor.

This is the shiniest of all the different options providing a constant glossy, wet appearance when clean. This provides a formal and sophisticated look with high performance for wear. Although gloss will not scuff and scratch as easily, the damage and wear will be more noticeable against the pristine finished look so precautions such as walking around in sock feet and using floor protection for your furnishings will be helpful. If you want your floors to shine bright and catch people's attention, consider a Gloss Finish.

Satin sheen offers a softer, less reflective surface without eliminating the new floor shine. This is most recommended because the Sheen stays more consistent over time with wear. This finish is the perfect blend of a beautiful new floor shine with optimal low maintenance performance for all traffic areas.

If you want to eliminate most of the shine but still want a low maintenance and versatile finish, consider a Matt Sheen. You will see a noticeable difference in the reflection of light with a soft complexion that may seem a little cloudy and draw less attention to the natural variation of colors in the wood. This sheen level will fit most decorative styles and perform well with foot traffic, showing minimal wear over time.

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