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Floors covered in old vinyl and carpet coverings, littered with staples and tacks need to be removed before the commencement of sanding.

iSAND can provide advice on removal and is also happy to do this but due to the time consuming and nasty nature of the work an extra cost is incurred.

Once clear the floor will then undergo a series of skilled sanding techniques, using the latest in dust free sanding machines that work through rough to smooth grades.

The floor is rotary sanded to a polished fine finish before 3 coats of finish of your choice are applied.
Buffing and vacuuming occurs between coats.

Dry time between coats is 4-5 hours for waterborne and 10-12 hours for moisture cured urethane.
Depending on weather conditions, it can be less. Access on floor is possible without shoes after this period.

Due to the non-toxic properties of waterborne finish (no fumes) and fast drying time (highly recommended for commercial buildings with surrounding tenants), you will generally have the option of staying on site for most or all of the duration of works.

With Moisture Cured Urethane, because of its toxic odours, it’s highly recommended you organise alternative accommodation, or works done after business hours for the entire process.

Obviously no access is possible on the actual area being worked on during the final sanding stage and whilst coating is being applied. Sanding machines have a high noise output and can be disturbing.

This may affect your decision to stay or conduct business on site.
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